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Happy Birthday: Make changes that please you this year. Look on the bright side of whatever situation you face. Having a good attitude will go a long way and help you discover what it is you want out of life. Let go of things you no longer need, and learn to use what you keep more effectively. Live life your way. Your numbers are 6, 13, 21, 24, 33, 39, Learn from every experience, and look at each encounter as a chance to discover something new.

Dealing with sensitive issues will help you resolve any obstacle that stands between you and what you want. You are best to be clear about what you can and cannot do. Taking one step at a time will help you reach your target.

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Concentrate on what you can accomplish, and work alongside those who share your mindset. A friendly gesture will open up a window of opportunity with someone special.

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Romance is encouraged. Refuse to let someone meddle in your private business. Dana is an artist who is constantly inspired by nature and community. Barb has always had a love affair with the stars, moon and astrology. It's her 'go to' place. Know Thyself: Universal alignments reveal the true essence of one's soul.

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  7. It's personal and it's about 'coming into ourselves'. Barb's life has been a series of adventures interspersed with university. There are differences of opinion on this point. Some read profession from the 10th house from the Ascendant or the Moon. Some read it from the Navamsha lord-of-the-lord of the 10th. The first house also indicates profession in 'Prasna'. All these have to be looked into and the strongest one indicates 'profession'. Will he succeed in the" Insurance Sector "? I want to be a professional writer.

    Do I have the right planets? I've read that having one panch-maha-purusha planet guarantees a great career. Should it be weak a little wealth will accrue. The country where the native will acquire wealth will be signified by the sign representing the 10th house or the Navamsha owned by the lord of the 10th house. But, when this Sign is occupied or aspected by its lord, the native will earn in his own country.

    So it shall be if the Navamsha occupied by the lord of the 10th house in an immovable sign. When the said sign is owned or aspected by planets other than its lord , the person concerned will earn in the place other than his own country. The livelihood is also determined from the nature of the planet who rules the Navamsha sign occupied by the lord of the 10th house. Raman , A Catechism of Astrology , page 80 "How do you delineate the mission for which an individual is born? The answer It may be political, religious, social, cultural, or something else.

    Generally the nature of one's mission in this life can be ascertained by a deep consideration of the tenth house. If planets are powerful there, then the native will succeed in realizing the mission. If afflicted, there will be many hitches. Raman, A Catechism of Astrology [4th edition ] part II page 2 "Q: From which Bhava or planet can the place or direction of one's livelihood be ascertained? A : Ordinarily the 10th Bhava is the one that denotes all particulars relating to one's livelihood , including the place or direction; the sign that is found on the cusp of that Bhava determines the place or direction one has to look for the line of least resistance.

    As regards the planets, the matter is somewhat more complicated. The lord of the 10th Bhava is in some Navamsha. The lord of that amsha is one of the planets that has major significance. All these influences have to be carefully blended and judged in the case of a particular horoscope and the dominant direction is to be taken note of before prediction as regards place or direction of profession can be made.

    If the Moon is strong , the above has also to be applied from the position of the Moon also. Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect. If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God's church He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil's trap.

    Zukra-yuti-Shani -lagnesha. His science writings were widely celebrated. That is the proper way of giving. Courageous Bodhisattvas risk even their lives to help others, and so, when we are in relatively better, more comfortable situations, we must certainly practice giving. Even if they are threatened, the courageous ones will not engage in improper actions. Instead, after examining the situation carefully, when they find that certain actions are correct and justified, on the basis of reason, they engage in them even at the risk of their lives. That is the way of the decent, civilized and courageous ones , who do not follow misleading paths.

    Effects of Karakamsha Effects of the tenth from Karakamsha "If the tenth from Karakamsha receives a Drishti from, or is conjoined by a benefic, the native will have firm riches, be sagacious, strong and intelligent. A malefic, giving a Drishti to the tenth from Karakamsha, or occupying this Bhava, will cause harm to his profession and deprive him of paternal bliss. Budha and Zukra, giving a Drishti to the tenth from Karakamsha, or conjoining this Bhava, will confer many gains in business and will make him do many great deeds.

    Surya and Chandra, giving a Drishti to the tenth from Karakamsha, or conjoining this place and receiving a Drishti from, or be in Yuti with Guru, the native will acquire a kingdom. If there are graha residing in bhava-9, the religious effects are more pronounced and complex.

    Periods of graha in 9 have the same effect of draining the vitality of karma bhava, although at the same time they. Public positions in government or organizational regulation are not emotionally satisfying during periods of ruler of 9th-from-Chandra -lagna especially after age 50 but if the graha are strong in 10, the adult native may choose to focus leadership skills within a similar executive role in a university, spiritual institution, or global charity Guru. Clans of long ago that wanted to get rid of their unwanted people without killing them, used to burn their houses down -- hence the expression "to get fired.

    Zara Houshmand, R. Livingston, and B. Wallace Eds. Particularly, I always believe that as scientists, you have a special responsibility. Besides your own profession, you have a basic motivation to serve humanity, to try to produce better, happier human beings. Whether we understand consciousness or not, we must produce warm-hearted persons. That is important. I want to express that. Whenever I meet scientists, I always have to say this. Through my own profession, I try my best to contribute as much as I can. This proceeds without my being concerned whether another person agrees with my philosophy or not.

    Some people may be very much against my belief, my philosophy, but I feel alright. So long as I see that a human being suffers or has needs, I shall contribute as much as I can to contribute to their benefit. Scientists and medically qualified people can contribute especially. That's different; that's a particular context. A human being needs to be cared for According to your professional calling.

    You can contribute; that's your shared professional responsibility. However profession is normally understood as a social-material phenomenon, thus all career indicators whether they are first noticed in a varga or via the function of some amsha must be solidly anchored in the social-material functions of the radix D If Shani plays several 10th-from roles, particularly if He rules the 10th navamsha, then the native will have a Shani-driven professional experience dominated by regulatory activities, rigidly structured step-wise hierarchies, conformism, fear of punishment, bosses and supervisors, a preponderance rules and an absence of creativity.

    Often also, demanding, heavy, time-driven, and routinized workload. The social focus is on duty. If Zukra dominates the career pattern, particularly if He rules the 10th navamsha, the professional environments feature financially privileged, luxurious, artistic, femininized artifacts and the social focus is on diplomacy, trust, and relationships.

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    Guru-dominated careers feature teaching and guidance in all of their multifarious global expressions. And so forth per the karaka labels of the Graha. Everyone works, but not everyone's work is praised or recognized at the top levels of social importance. For most nativities, career profile is spread across several radix graha. There are relatively few in the elite. Most careers consist of mixed duty roster and fluctuating visibility, with some periods of obscurity and some periods of relatively high social recognition.

    Obscurity in public life may be due to an inner fear of visibility, a need for individual freedom from institutional rules, or perhaps a lifestyle which requires intentional hiding. L ord of the navamsha occupied by the radix karmesha Find the radix karmesha , then find that graha in navamsha. According to Phaladeepika, lord of the navamsha occupied by radix karmesha is the single strongest primary significator of public career. If that graha is not strongly linked to career indicators - even while ruling a beneficial radical bhava, or having uttama or swakshetra radical status or having other glories not connected with career - there may be professional obscurity.

    The person might live a very happy life - but one is not intending according to this script to use the energy of public recognition to further one's karmic learning process. The ultimate expressions of karma-bhava contain a dose of Shani-fear; specifically fears of scarcity, punishment and death. If sparkling Surya's creativity and independence become influential in matters of bhava, the institutional agenda will not be served in the Shani-ideal super-regulated fashion; we can expect some conflict in public judgment upon a nativity that shows high social responsibility due to a strong karmesha or Shani yet also high individual creativity due to a strong vidyapathi-5 or Surya.

    N avamsha occupied by radix karmesha As described by Phaladeepika table above , this rashi is a strong indicator of career also. Karaka qualities of its lord will reveal the general method of earning a living. Despite the incredible diversity of the modern global economy, the general areas of livelihood which Phaladeepika describes are still accurate although they do require elaboration. However, it will be more instructive to look at the specific disposition of the lord of radix karmesha 's navamsha - as that graha behaves in radix - to determine the career skills and environment most closely.

    To return the sense of dignity and honor to manhood, we have to stop pretending that we can make a living at something that is trivial or destructive and still have sense of legitimate self-worth. A society in which vocation and job are separated for most people gradually creates an economy that is often devoid of spirit, one that frequently fills our pocketbooks at the cost of emptying our souls. The job titles may sound different, but each step in the career ascendance will arise from the same basic skill set.

    Native is king-like in leadership style: regal, dignified, confident, inspiring, materially and ethically entitled. However note the amazing double parivartamsha which transforms an obscured Surya into a financial emperor of the world. Much of. Loss of job, career, profession, leadership position? Thus each of the lagna have a "career dissolver" graha which, when empowered, can cause the erosion of enthusiasm for leadership roles and redirection of the life-force energies into its own houses periods of Dharmesha-9 as ruler of 12th-fromth usually encourage the native to withdraw from law-imposing and example-setting duties of public life, in order to devote more resources to the study and practice of philosophy and religion.

    Although the dharma-pati almost always gives excellent results in the development of life wisdom and His work is the most valued at the time of death, in practical life matters the sudden loss of profession dignity can be perplexing. However, when career dissolution is triggered by the Dharmesha-9 , the native can rest assured the that final results will be beneficial for all.

    Lord of 9th-from-Chandra does often generate an emotional pull toward religious concerns in preference to performance of public duty, but unless the Dharmesha-9 from Chandra is coordinated with the Dharmesha-9 from [material-social] radix lagna, this pull results more in a feeling of being stretched too thin between religious and social projects, rather than a full material-social withdrawal from professional tasks.

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    Some measure of closure in matters of ego-membrane development bhava-1 may be achieved. Mahadasha of ruler-of Budha Began in March of Still there were remaining nearly two years of his second presidential term. However under the physically and socially draining influence of Budha, he completed the duties of the presidency with lackluster performance, and left office with the some of the lowest public approval ratings of any departing POTUS.

    Lord of dharma bhava and ruler of 9th-from-Chandra will cause loss of public station and loss of professional position. Note the status of this graha. Is the graha a pleasure-giver subhagraha or a more emotionally-socially challenging papagraha? If the lord of dharma is a temporal pleasure-giver subhagraha , the loss of a job or fall from superficial public approval is a liberating experience, which relieves karmic obligation.

    The natural regulator of karma bhava is Shani and public duties are tiring. If dharma bhava itself from lagna or from Chandra is well disposed, loss of career position, title, symbolic status, leadership roles etc. One might succumb to Survivalist Shani's fear-based thinking in matters of career, believing the scarcity thinking and bondage-to-duty program of Shani's two swabhava : leadership and earnings. However, stepping back into wisdom of dharma, consider whether it is such a bad thing to lose these heavy obligations and their demanding time schedules Shani. Guru as natural regulator of dharma bhava can be the pratya-antara-dasha Vimshottari lord that is "the straw that breaks the camel's back" causing loss of position, reputation, social dignity - and the sudden, underappreciated freedom to enjoy life free of executive orders and a lockstep time schedule.

    On the other hand, if lord of dharma from either lagna or Chandra from Chandra is a more emotional experience should be a fear-causing malefic, then losing one's official position, job, or title could be a terrifying, scarcity-paranoia inducing experience. In the modern economy, job-loss is a frequent occurrence.

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    For nativities with a positive Dharmesha-9 , each loss results in a gain of wisdom and, typically, a later gain of higher position. However for nativities with a compromised or materialistic Dharmesha-9 , loss of social leadership positions can be an frightening experience. Lord of dazamamza as this graha behaves in radix It is worth looking for the role of the lord of 10th dazamamza also, but only as a strengthening and confirming proof for otherwise active career Graha.

    Lord of dazamamza tells mainly about one's psychic or spiritual disposition within career manifestation. Similar to lord of navamsha exposing how one is operating psychologically within intimate relationships whether one is consciously aware of one's true behavior or not - lord of dazamamza tells what wisdom or psychological agenda we bring into career.

    Similar to the way lord of navamsha reveals how our partner sees us and what they often subconsciously expect from us; so the lord of dazamamza tells what hidden parts of ourselves the professional environment evokes and develops. Lord of dazamamza will always have some qualities, but those qualities might not be distinctive. If lord of dazamamza is weak in radix, the native will not be motivated to use his career role as a way of getting crucial spiritual information about himself. Again, this is similar to lord of navamsha being weak: the native does not evoke much information from his marriage; the marriage is not spiritually too important in this life.

    By contrast, when lord of navamsha is strong, the native is intensely engaged in his intimate partnerships for better or worse because the partnerships are for him a gold mine of psycho-spiritual information about the parts of himself he can only see in the mirror of the partner. If lord of dazamamza is strong in radix, the public service environment becomes a site of great self discovery. One's professional colleagues become important mirrors onto the Self. Through handling significant public responsibilities which affect many people below, one grows spiritually in understanding of the great forces which direct us all, even while wielding considerable power over his inferiors.

    Handling earthly power Regulating the welfare of a community, nation, or planet provides the same type of test as handling the emotional power over one partner in marriage. HHowever, the power in dashamamsha expresses as one-to-many relationship as distinguished from the one-to-one relationship of a native to their spouse or, ideally, of the native -to-their- ishtadevata. When the ruker of any varga is empowered in radix -- whether a powerful pleasure-giver subhagraha or a troublesome powerful challenger papagraha , one has programmed highly significant spiritual information into the web of relationships he expects to encounter in the environment described by that varga.

    Exempli gratia, , if the ruler of D is strong, spiritual practice is a site of profound self-revelation to the native.

    The spiritual path in this case may be smooth such as a wonderful pleasure-giver subhagraha or ragged as in a violent or harshly challenging papagraha but the path is crucially important in this lifetime. If the lord of D-3 is strong in radix, then teamwork, siblings, group mental process, competition, and self-made treasuries are powerful venues for self-realization. D lagnesha strong in radix? If dazamamza lord is strong in radix, the native is choosing career, public service, and earthly leadership power as a vehicle for self-knowledge on the road to God-realization.

    The dazamamza may also be read"internally" that is, the same method as reading the radix, to very finely tune the profile of profession. Q: I've really enjoyed reading through your website and as a beginning student of Jyotisha I have a few burning questions. I'm not asking for a reading but I wonder if you could answer these questions for me since I'm drawn to a specific medical career but am worried that I wouldn't earn enough money if I get the diploma then try to open a practice.

    Here are my details [removed]- I just want to know if I'll be successful in this field and when and where and why and how I can really prosper. Are you teaching? Can you be my teacher? A: Namaste, Thanks for your note and thanks also for your compliments on the website. I am always delighted to hear that the materials are proving useful for students of the samayavidya.

    I'm not presently teaching Jyotisha but I will continue to improve the website materials as time allow. Naturally, answering your questions would require a reading, and free readings are not available. However, I do encourage you to study the nativities of those who have gone before you - successful physicians and scientists - and see if you can find the indicators of ability both intuitive and financial in their charts.

    Pay special attention to the 6th bhava for health service ministries, the 10th radical bhava, the 10th navamsha and the dashamamsha lagna. If Ashvini nakshatra features prominently especially the 10th degree of Mesha, success in physical medicine is assured. Also, for quick divinations that can show you a mirror of your own subconscious expectations -- which are indeed the seeds of all reality -- you might enjoy a spread of Tarot Cards.

    There are several nice free Tarot websites on the internet. As well, I-Ching and other forms of quick divination can show us what we are really thinking. Government with me. See this card? I am allowed to go wherever I wish on agricultural land.