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By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Ok I Agree Learn More. Download APK 2. The description of Hindi Astrology This app offers you all rashi character details, astrology, business and education success. Also it offers numerology features from your birth date. We have developed this app in Hindi language, so that everyone can read and understand all details related to Rashi characters and numbers.

Also this app dont need internet connection. So that you can download only once and enjoy application without internet connection, thats why its very fast application for loading all horoscope details. This app give you insights into all important areas of life i. So what are you are waiting for, go ahead and download the app and get details of rashi characters and numbers.

Please do rate the app and leave a reply on your valuable suggestions and improvements. Hindi Astrology 1. Hindi Astrology Tags Lifestyle. Download APK Because the screen is small you just don't have room to have a control or button for every type of action. Hence it is sometimes necessary to rely on certain behaviours that Apple has built into the iOS user interface. App orientation: The app responds automatically to the orientation that the device reports to the app. This is not something that the app controls - it is part of the iOS operating system. If the orientation is upside down, you would need to tilt the device towards you to re-orient it to your side.

It is possible to set the orientation lock on the iPad - this would prevent it ever going into landscape mode or upside down portrait mode, regardless of how the device is held. The professional version of the Atlas used by Astro Gold is used around the world. However, it does require you to enter anywhere in the USA with its state name in the "country" field, and not just to enter "USA".

If you do enter "USA" in the "country" field, and then you will find that Astro Gold tells you that it can't find either the country or the place. The reason that the ACS uses this different protocol for US places is that there are many duplicate names in different US states, so if the state name is not known it would often result in getting the wrong place. So, the Atlas requires 'states' for the USA, and country names for everywhere else, and "country" really means "country or US state name".

There is a potential ambiguity as to what should happen when you step by a "day". Should it be a 24 hour period, or should it be a calendar day locked to local clock time? The latter is usually 24 hours, but might also be 23 or 25 hours or even something different again, depending on whether daylight savings changes take place on that day, and how much daylight savings adjustment there is.

When you step the chart in Astro Gold by a day, this is implemented as step of 24 elapsed hours, rather than a calendar day. It would be possible to implement the alternative method if people have a particular need for it, but note that you can still adjust for this manually by stepping the chart back or forth by an additional hour if you wish. Yes, you can join our Face Book Astro Gold group where ideas are discussed, questions are asked, and the latest news and features are announced.

It is also sometimes known as the Black Moon Lilith, which can be a bit confusing because there is also a point some astrologers use called the Dark Moon Lilith, and another called the Asteroid Lilith. Solar Fire can also calculate these two Liliths as well, but at present only the Black Moon Lilith is available as a regular chart point in both Solar Fire and Astro Gold.

The Black Moon is not an actual body, but rather is the empty focal point of the Moons orbit around the earth, which is also the apogee of the Moons orbit. There are two settings for the Black Moon in Solar Fire, and in Astro Gold, and in order for you to show the identically calculated point in both programs you need to make sure you have the settings correct in both programs. The settings are either the true osculating apogee or the mean apogee. True Apogee - is the position of the moon's apogee, taking into account short term fluctuations osculations in the plane of the moons orbit.

Mean Apogee - is the position of the moon's apogee according to a mathematical formula which ignores many of the minor perturbations in its orbit. Click on Mean or True, as is your preference. Click on the Calculations tab, and then in the Black Moon section click either True Apogee or Mean Apogee, whichever is your preference. Then click OK. Note that the iOS version requirement will change from time to time as Apple releases new iOS versions which make it hard to continue supporting older iOS versions.

Users should view the Apple app store entry for Astro Gold to be sure to have the latest requirements. Also note that those who purchase Astro Gold for the their current devices will be able to continue using it indefinitely, although unless they keep sufficiently up-to-date with Apple's new iOS releases, they may eventually lose the ability to download future updates to the Astro Gold app. Apple shows the requirements for any app on it's app description page. Currently this says "Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Requires iOS 6. Now we can do the chart from our pocket as well! So says one of our customers. Once you have downloaded your app, yes the app can be run without an internet connection. However, in this case there is no means of importing or exporting charts, so only charts pre-supplied with the app, or created and optionally saved by the user within the app can be used. Facebook is an excellent forum for discussions. We have a Solar Fire astrology group and an Astro Gold group, great places to help you better understand your software, and share ideas and techniques with others.

If you have a technical question then it is possible that there may be other group members that are willing and able to help you, but in general this is not the best place to post technical issues, especially given that it may not be seen by anyone who can actually help. The first thing we suggest is that you check the documentation that comes with your app. You may find that the solution is there and that you can resolve any issues yourself. If you can't find the answer in the documentation, it's time to contact our Technical Support people, and to make this easy for you, each of our apps provides you with a way to send them a description of your problem, and technical details about your specific setup.

This enables them to respond as swiftly as possible and work with you to find the answers to your issue, so please provide a clear description of your issues when you send off the support email. You can also contact us directly by email, or if you prefer, by telephone, Fax or regular mail.

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If using one of these methods, make sure you include the following information:. Describe in detail your specific issue.

Naturally Fluent.

If you are receiving an error message, please include the exact wording of the message, or a screenshot of the message. If you working on something when the problem occurred, exactly what were you trying to do? And were you able to do the job previously without a problem, and if so, when did you first experience the issue? Which program you are using, and which version. You can easily change this in Settings. The same rule applies to the Black Moon which is set to True. Chart files may also be interchanged between this app and any other computer via email.

This can be used to save and restore backup copies of your chart files, and if you own the Solar Fire astrology program v6 or higher , then you may also use your chart files interchangeably with that program. On iOS, chart files may be added to, or downloaded from this app via the iTunes File Sharing feature.

However, emailing them is generally easier. To export chart files, tap on the Settings tab and select Export Chart Files. SFcht to an email and then send it to your device, and open it in the email app. In the email app, open this email and tap on the attached chart file, and you will be prompted whether or not you wish to open it in this app. If a chart file of the same name already exists in this app, then you will prompted whether to overwrite the existing file, or else to change its name before it is added.

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Name changes of this type involve adding an underscore and a number to the end of the filename. After adding a chart file this way, you can access it from a list of all chart files when selecting a chart to open from file, or when saving a chart to file, or when exporting a chart file. Yes, you can store chart files on Dropbox, and open them in Astro Gold on your Mac. You cannot store other settings, but the chart files can be stored anywhere. Mac computers have a system feature called Gatekeeper, which keeps users from automatically opening any app not downloaded directly from the Mac App Store.

However, they do provide a fairly easy way to open apps like Astro Gold with only a few extra steps. If you so get a message telling you that the app cannot be opened, then click OK on the message to close it. Then open your Downloads folder and find the Astro Gold app you are trying to run. Drag Astro Gold into your Applications folder. Now, either Control-click, or right-click, the Astro Gold app you just put in Applications.

This will give you a menu, and at the top of that menu, click the word Open. Click on the Open button on that message. Astro Gold should open now, and it should open without a problem any other time you want to run it as well. Unlike iPhones and iPads, which are all basically the same, each manufacturer of an Android device builds it their own way, and not all of them handle email or email attachments in exactly the same. We have found a method that works on most Android devices to get the chart file you sent to your Android to show up in Astro Gold, but you need to kind of trick the device.

The chart file you send in an email is still attached to the email, and so before we can get Astro Gold to view the chart file you need to detach the file from the email. So, open the email on the Android and you should have the option to download the file. Once it is downloaded it should go into your Download folder. Open that folder, tap the chart file that is in your Download folder and it should open it in Astro Gold.

However in some cases this does not work. If it does not work for you then you may want to contact the manufacturer of your android device and tell them that you cannot open attachments that come with your emails and request that this is rectified. Astro Gold for Android follows the same rules for updating as all other apps on your Android device. Here are the steps, as per Google, to follow when an updated version of Astro Gold or any other app is available.

Apps with an update available updates are labelled "Update". Look for Astro Gold, tap on it, and touch Update. Unless you have multiple apps you want to update, in which case you can touch Update All to update other apps at the same time. Note that if you see a notification asking if you accept any new permissions, say yes.

Hindi astrology numerology

On some devices, once Astro Gold has been updated, you may need to restart the device before the new version is activated. Select Astro Gold. Touch Menu More. Check the box next to "Auto-update.

Hindi Astrology for Android - APK Download

The app will update automatically when updates are available. To turn off automatic updates, uncheck the box. On the Selected Charts screen tap the arrow to go to the chart selection options 2. Tap Select From File to go to your list of chart files. If you want to delete a whole chart file at once a. Tap on the Edit option at the top right of the screen b.

Tap on the Delete option the minus sign on the left of chart file you want to delete c. To give you a chance to change your mind, you will now be asked to Cancel, or Delete. If you tap Delete, all the charts in that file will be gone. If you want to delete a single chart a.

Program Details

Tap on the chart file that contains the chart you want to delete b. Long Press on the chart you want to delete, and hold your finger there for a few seconds to highlight the chart c. Tap on the trash symbol on the upper right of the screen. This will delete that chart immediately.

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Yes, once you've enabled iCloud drive in the app, then any chart file you import will end up in iCloud Drive, including any you get from email attachments. On your Mac you just drag and drop chart files into the iCloud Drive Astro Gold folder which appears as a new folder as soon as you enable iCloud Drive in any Astro Gold app.

Once you have enabled it, you can check to make sure it shows up on your Mac under Favourites. Now you are ready to tell Astro Gold to use the iCloud Drive. If you have set up the iCloud Drive on each device, as described above, then you will be sharing charts between all those devices, as long as you have signed on to the iCloud Drive with the identical Apple ID on each device. However, it is important to note that the first device that select to switch onto the iCloud Drive determines which files will appear on the iCloud Drive on all your Astro Gold devices.

After switching on the first device, when you then activate the iCloud Drive on a second device, you will lose access to any charts that had been locally saved on that second device and now only see the charts that were in the iCloud Drive on the first device. So it is a good idea, before you activate the iCloud Drive on a second device, that you check the second device for any charts that only exist on that device.

If you have such charts, and want to keep them, export those charts to the first device for example, send them as an attachment to an email , and open them in Astro Gold. This will put those charts on the iCloud Drive, so you do not lose them. Once you have the iCloud Drive activated on every iPhone, iPad or Mac computer that you have the Astro Gold app, any chart you create and save on any of these devices will be accessible by Astro Gold on all the other devices. Because Solar Fire is a Windows program, it is not set up to automatically read chart files on the iCloud Drive.

However, if you have a chart file on the iCloud Drive that is not yet in Solar Fire, OR one on the iCloud Drive that has more charts in it than the one of the same name in Solar Fire, there is an easy way to copy the files into Solar Fire. The first step is to make sure that you have the iCloud Drive app on your Windows computer. Now you are ready to use the iCloud Drive on your PC.

There are two ways to open the iCloud Drive:. The next step is easiest if you can put the iCloud Drive Astro Gold folder, and the Solar Fire Charts folder, side by side on your screen. Whenever you save a new chart, or choose to open a previously saved chart, the charts will be stored on the iCloud Drive. You can store up to 5GB of data for free on your iCloud Drive. This includes all of your files, not just Astro Gold.

You may need to pay for extra storage. However please note that each Astro Gold chart takes up only about bytes of stores, even a chart file with charts would only take about 0. Hence in practical terms any extra storage space requirement is more likely to be prompted by your other file types. You get the same options that you get when trying to Import a chart from email to your local chart files i. You don't get any option. The first device that you use to switch on iCloud determines what files appear in iCloud drive. When you switch on later devices, you lose access to your local files on that device, and instead see what chart files were already in iCloud Drive.

Connect with us on Facebook! Our Astro Gold Facebook community is growing larger and larger every day — the only thing missing is you. Join in the conversation today! Frequently Asked Questions. Browse F. The answer is different for each Astro Gold app on the different devices. Note: DST continued , but was then again not observed or : , , , , , , , No daylight savings time.

Time is 2 hours from UT year round. Close the app. If necessary, make sure you are logged into the iTunes app store account for which Astro Gold was purchased. Skip this step if you are sure you are already using the correct app store iTunes account. Re-open the app, again. It will then prompt you for your Apple ID password.