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The key message: Be here now! Take a moment to get grounded in your everyday life or to finish up a lingering project. Roll up your sleeves and plan to hustle. Reward yourself with a long massage and a decadent meal for all that effort. Have you gone as far as you can in a professional position?

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Since full moons can mark endings and transitions, you might decide to give notice soon after this date. In another tricky twist, this full moon will lock into a tense square with Pluto in your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Think twice before doing business with friends. A jealous or undermining person at work may need to be confronted.

Be careful about doing it too directly—you might need to circumvent them or go over their head.

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This full moon is an ideal day for a digital detox. Step away from social media and all the emotions it stirs up and go enjoy time in nature or doing something pampering and restorative! Perspective returns on October 23, when the Sun shifts into Scorpio and your ninth house of adventure, travel and expanded horizons.

All that deep reflecting of the past month will yield a refreshing wider-angle view of the world. On October 27, the Scorpio new moon really gets you seeing limitless possibilities—and talking about them! An honest conversation today could open up new levels of closeness and mutuality. Suddenly, all the dots start connecting, and you can see the bigger picture. Time to emerge a butterfly, Pisces! Travel, study or even a little staycation can get your groove back.

Your mind will be hungry for novelty, so whatever you do, swing far out of your comfort zone under this new moon. Thinking of starting a business or an independent media project? These moonbeams favor creative and enterprising moves. A communication curveball is also possible at this new moon, which will stand opposite radical Uranus in your third house of ideas and information. News could come out of left field, or you might receive a message that changes everything on a dime.

Try not to react to any such disruptions—the best thing you can do is stay calm and get all the facts. In fact, take your time gathering intel and information. On October 31, Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—will turn retrograde in Scorpio until November 20, its final backspin of the decade! Make sure passports and IDs are up to date. The beginning of the month makes for one thrilling steamy-windows week, with both love planets canoodling in Libra and your eighth house of intimacy, sensuality, sexuality—and any other flavor of merging body, soul or both!

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Couples should grab the emotional scuba gear and plan a deep dive into possibly uncharted waters. You can clear up a misunderstanding, get something off your chest or talk about next steps. A special person could surface during this cycle. Some levity returns on October 8, when Venus parts ways with Mars and blazes into Scorpio and your ninth house of big-picture vision. Single Fish could meet someone while traveling, taking a class or doing something outside of your comfort zone.

Happily hooked? If you listen as much as you share, you should be able to work out anything! You might need to keep a distance from them for the next day or so till they cool down enough to talk it out. You could get downright obsessive about your goals when driven Mars heads into Libra for its biennial visit from October 4 to November The planet of communication starts an extended visit to Scorpio and your expansive ninth house on October 3.

Even as you stay true to your mission, make sure you think outside the box. The October 27 Scorpio new moon presents a perfect moment to put those feelers out into the wider world.

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Use stronger filters because your outspoken comments could be taken the wrong way. This rash clash could cause you to uncharacteristically lose your cool and blurt out something you instantly regret.

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Your buttons will be easily pushed, so walk away or log off the inflammatory feeds if you start getting triggered. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'.

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Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist. Hot Girl Summer Is Over. Fat Bear Fall Is Here. Shop ELLE. Aries Illustrated PopSocket. Taurus Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Planets affect your character, temperament and personality in total. They also affect the whole generation you belong to. They determine the way you are going to react when faced with certain situations, the way you are going to express your emotions, your interests and your attitude and many more.

Social planets are Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn is dry, cold, insensitive, burdening, but the way it is going to manifest its energy is closely dependant on the place the planet occupies and of other aspects related to it. Saturn is associated with time and it is responsible for our limitations that are definitely related to time. Saturn rules our old age, it is connected with our physical body, especially with our skin and bones, because these are the most limited ones, in terms of growth and development.

Saturn is associated with everything chronic and lasting, usually negative, such as pain, illness, depression, misfortune, trouble and so on. We naturally resist everything that makes us feel bad, but there are times negative things happen and we cannot stop them. Saturn teaches life lessons. This planet awakens our sense for responsibility, honesty, duty and organization.

When in good aspects, Saturn makes us think maturely and be pragmatic. It helps us deal with various challenges in life; in a way, it challenges us and pushes us to our limits. Saturn makes you realize where your limits lie. In long run, it helps you become more balanced person who does not waste energy foolishly.

Saturn faces you with the reality. This is, perhaps, something we all deem undesirable. Not that people strive to live in an illusion, but sometimes the truth is hard to accept and to bear. Saturn faces us with our greatest fears and makes us realize there are boundaries to many things. In its cold and sometimes terrifying manner, Saturn teaches us to value life. Of all positions Saturn could appear, it seems that Pisces are one of the most undesirable places for this planet.

Pisces are deep, emotional, melancholic sign, with great intuition, veiled by mystery and often lost in thoughts, fantasies and dreams. Saturn in Pisces makes one turned towards past instead to presence, let alone future. The greatest disadvantage of this aspect is that constant obsession with the past. People with Saturn in Pisces always feel as if there is something pulling them down, to depths of memories and long lost moments.

They carry the burden of the past around; it does not matter if they long for pleasant times or if they feel negatively about something that has happened.

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  • Either way, they dwell in the past. The karmic effect of Saturn makes them only repeat the same pattern of thinking, deciding and acting over again. It is very common for these people to appear nervous and insecure, because that is exactly how they really feel, most of the time. They are very susceptible to negative energies, they tend to be pessimistic and of low self esteem. They fantasize that only bad things keep happening, because they are very likely to focus solely on what is wrong. With time, they become more and more distrusting, suspicious, insecure and indecisive and they eventually stop believing everyone.

    What is even worse, they stop believing themselves and in themselves and they re-question every single decision they make, even the most negligible one. There is also a problem with imagination, because strict and organized Saturn restricts the natural imaginative capacities of Pisces. Saturn Pisces are very, very sensitive and vulnerable. They see problems where such do not exist, simply because of their hypersensitivity and discomfort they feel because their imaginative capacities are restricted and this energy they have does not go anywhere, but turns into irrational scenarios that provoke anxiety and nervousness.

    However, it is not necessarily always that bad. If aspects are extremely favorable, Saturn Pisces could achieve amazing results in the field of art. Actually, they could become artists of life, to say so. They are people that have enough depth to understand the world, to perceive it, to try to make it better place. Such personalities could often be found working in hospitals, at universities, museums but also working in creation of all sorts of protocols. With good aspects of this generally unpleasant position for Saturn, one could make an extraordinary personality, literally one in a million.

    Saturn Pisces could be people praised and admired by many, because they channel their energy in a way that is benevolent, beneficial and overflowing. They are masters in the art of life, people with good intuition, but also good sense of reality, abundant imagination and calmness to wish. They could be spiritual people, inclined towards helping others. They are very compassionate. Saturn controls their urges and does not allow them to waste themselves in trying to help everyone.

    They are noble, kind, caring individuals.

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    Saturn Pisces with good aspects are unusual sight and rare. If they manage to let go of the past, people with Saturn in Pisces could channel their energy in a wonderful way. On emotional plan, good aspects of Saturn in Pisces bring accentuated sensibility and sensitivity, but not overly. This makes these people empathic, kind and lovable. They easily win people with their good-hearted nature and achieve great satisfaction in social, romantic and professional life.

    Downsides of Saturn in Pisces are many, since this is the least favorable position for this cold planet.