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Lot done, but it also suggests that you may not be paying attention to. Calendar into 12 months of 30 days each, such as was used in mul. The weekly combination horoscope provides you with a more accurate view on the week ahead by combining your sun moon asc. Pain that goes untended by healing methods that help to release and allow for an outward flow can turn toxic and freeze them into bitterness. Whatever needs to be done, you will do it. However, if they deviate from their path, they become isolated and cut off from the rest of the world.

Us in attaining our life purpose as well as directing us to meaningful. Indira gandhi november 19, Thank you for the life affirming reading, for seeing me clearly and compassionately, I feel stronger in my truth thanks to your Divine witnessing. After we finished I felt as though she took the lid off of the container I had been attempting to hide in.

I feel like light. Chani has a gift and is a gift. I am forever grateful for her wisdom and guidance. I feel educated and prepared to walk through this transformational period I am in. I have a deeper understanding of what makes me be me. I honestly did not expect any of this.

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I also felt a kind of numinous presence during the reading. It's a great gift to give yourself, or a child in your care. Like getting an instruction manual! I, myself, did not subscribe to astrology until I met Chani.

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Her brand of astrology is fearless, honest, and at times, brutal. Because opening our eyes to the truth can be a brutal experience for some.

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However, rest assured that it is all part of becoming a better you. For this and more, I am deeply thankful to have met Chani. Her reading is intelligent, insightful, encouraging and above all, accurate. It's amazing, unnerving even, that someone on the other side of the country could know so much about you perhaps even before your first meeting. Chani is a coach, confidante and voice of wisdom that anyone seeking their destiny should welcome in their journey. I look at the folks around me, and their struggles are reflected so well in what you say.


Suddenly I am reading words that all the people I love are reading and taking to heart, and I feel closer, more open, more empathetic, and more ready to give to them. You epic poetess. I stumbled upon your blog about 8 months ago purely by chance, and being a long time lover of astrology myself, I was instantly thrilled and tickled by your enchanting, sassy, intensely insightful descriptive style. It has often felt when reading your words, like you are pouring the contents of my soul out on the screen in written form.

I am ever so grateful each week for the brilliance that you share, your words move, motivate and nourish me.

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So many times when I've read your work in the midst of a particularly difficult or traumatic time, the writing stops my monkey mind, opens my heart, mobilizes my mouth, and frees my soul a little bit more. Chani was able to reaffirm some of my own thoughts on my chart and my personality, and brought her trademark tone of humour, savvy, and accessibility to the call. She's fantastic. Her language is precise and witty, structured in such a way that I felt she was singing the alchemical language of the stars in the organized and synchronized way my brain needs to hear.

Highly recommend!!

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  • She is a gifted and dedicated astrologer who brings insight and empathy to helping people draw deeper meaning from their lives towards personal and social transformation. I am very grateful for the time, skill and meaningful consideration she gave to my chart and to helping me along my journey! She wasted no time in the hour we had together-- translating my chart to reveal a great spectrum of vital information that I really needed to hear at this time. I've listened to our recording over and over again in the days following our appointment to revisit her words and wisdom; and will continue to do so in the days to come.

    Very validating, comforting and invigorating; I feel blessed to have her reflect the guidance of the stars to me and put into words and solidify what was previously unnamed and murky.