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As long as Venus is well-placed, you may expect plenty of action and enjoyable group activities. However, your social life will tend to focus on work. At the very least, a rival should soon turn out to be a friend. Some happy surprises could affect money matters or home affairs.

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The whole mood of the day encourages formal settings, traditional behaviour and conservative values, so do try to fit in. It may even be fun to enter into the fantasy of living in a past age.

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There could soon be a sharp change in your financial circumstances, so keep an eye open for new opportunities. Your home and working life are well-starred, but you must be aware of an approaching financial crisis. Get your affairs in order and act now if there are any outstanding bills to pay or loans to call in. If you have become overloaded by emotional burdens this could be the moment to cut loose.

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The tension is now building up, as it does once or twice a month when the planets form certain intense patterns. Spring rains erode rocks and make canyons, and seedlings reclaim monuments, without apology.

And being vulnerable, Aries feels deeply the sting of criticism, which comes always as a shock, regardless of what it has invaded, jarred, imposed upon. At the Aries phase of a cycle we are challenged to penetrate boundaries and express ourselves, regardless of what might be disrupted, and to do so without any guarantee.

Aries , Taurus , Gemini – Characteristics & Personality Traits

By late spring, the weather has become accommodating to life, during most years. The Taurus phase of life is the one most dependent upon circumstance. Seedlings which sprouted in early spring begin to feel the effects of location and environment. An infant becomes aware of dependency on its mother. If all goes well, necessities are provided; satisfaction and growth come of their own accord.


At least this is how things should be. Rapid growth is necessary now if the organism is to thrive. Every day light increases; progress is implicit. In the orchard, apple trees blossom and attract bees. In the cradle, the infant learns to smile. If charm fails, a temper tantrum may accomplish the outcome desired. Late spring weather is conducive to the greatest sensual pleasure. At this age, pleasant physical sensation is a birthright, or should be. The bundle of joy becomes most unjoyous if this is not so. Our expressed pleasure is payment enough to our benefactors. Gemini is a time of gaiety in nature, pure play.

In the human life, the toddler has become mobile and can now defeat once impenetrable limits. She can climb over the crib rails and fall on the floor. Your romantic feelings at the moment are dominated by hope and optimism, but if your dreams are not fulfilled it is all too easy for you to become disillusioned. At work continue on your current safe path. It is time to decide whether you are content to find a place at the bottom of the ladder, or whether you want to be top dog. It should be about another seven weeks before you have to act on current resolutions.

The question is how far you are able to drop your taboos and abandon your preconceptions. You no doubt dazed by the behaviour of friends and colleagues who once seemed so reliable. This should be a lesson to you not to make the mistake of depending on others when you would be better off standing on your own two feet. A cash crisis should pass quickly.