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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Post-Punk Monk. Skip to content. Share this: Email More Print. Like this: Like Loading Freedom Fighters B2. You Really Got Me B3. Mad B4. Good Times B5.

We're All Actors B6. Heat B7. Missing 15 Minutes Initial copies were to have included two singles as incentive so said an advert , but I have yet to hear any confirmation of this being the case. The cover design, also by Chris Hughes, combines disparate elements into something like an architect's sketch pad. Though the original was printed in black on red with a touch of white, many copies exist in simple monochrome. Another notable graphic element is the timing scale for each side of the record. The song titles are positioned against this scale in order to graphically represent their durations.

This same idea is repeated on the labels. The name of the album has confused some, but a glance at a dictionary or the back sleeve reveals that "kum'pes" is one way of representing the phonetic pronunciation of "compass". So both words in the title are pronounced identically. Reviews in the British press were uniformly positive.

NME thought it "refreshingly wry and friendly", Sounds described it as "a mad rush of desperately good songs. However, critical reception in North America was almost completely absent. Dave Schulps notes that:. However, the record is ultimately written off as a clone of Brian Eno's Another Green World , a lazy and inaccurate critique. With the fourth edition of the book, the entry for Dalek i was dropped entirely.

For year, decades in fact, this album languished in near-obscurity. Part of the reason for this lack of interest was Gill's antipathy towards any promotion. Dalek i had been invited to do a Peel session, but Gill didn't bother. They had been invited to play in the USA, but didn't follow up on the opportunity.

It's not difficult to imagine an alternative universe in which things went very differently. But then, how could it? Part of the joy in Compass Kumpas is how personal it sounds, like you've just intruded on someone's prviate bedroom music session. Outgoing musicians could not have created this perfect hermetic world. By the time the Dalek i releases saw the light of day, Dave Hughes had left the ever-diminishing group see Part Seven for his later activities. Alan Gill's next project was also with an outside band. Gill joined to play some live dates, his main incentive being a trip to perform in New York City.

In this band he was reunited with his old friend Dave Balfe, who was playing keyboards. Ha, Ha, I'm Drowning A2. Sleeping Gas A3. Treason A4. Second Head A5. Poppies in the Field B1. Went Crazy B2. Bouncing Babies B4. Books B5. Thief of Baghdad B6. When I Dream Even more significant than his guitar work on the album, Gill co-wrote the next Teardrop Explodes single, "Reward".

This was the first to crack the Top 10 and make the band an undisputed success. The Teardrop Explodes were becoming a great success story and there was a lot of push from the record company, producers etc. To Alan Gill this was the kiss of death. He was not interested in success on record company terms, and didn't want to turn music into his day job. So he just withdrew from the scene and politely left the group. Much later, Cope would release Zoology , a collection of assorted demos and out-takes.

Included on track 4 is Alan Gill on guitar. It's one of the better tracks on this compilation and sounds, as you would expect, like a Kilimanjaro out-take. From Five Miles Up 2. Camera Camera 3. Brave Boys Keep Their Promises 4. Nobody Knows This Is Everywhere 5. When I Dream 6. Screaming Secrets 7. Books [A Shallow Madness] 8. The Culture Bunker 9. I'm Not The Loving Kind Log Cabin Tiny Children You Disappear From View And The Fighting Takes Over Sleeping Gas The Tunnel Ritchie Blofeld Untitled [Columbia Hotel] In essence, this was a solo release for Gill, but the full credits are as follows:.

Chris Hughes credited as "Merrick" for his drumming. This single marks a turning point for the group. The overall arrangement is more lush that the first album material. It was the first DILY single to be issued in 12" form.

Dalek I Love You: An Annotated Discography

The new band was a reunion of sorts. SFX was an audio periodical in cassette form which documented the UK music scene over 19 issues to Each C60 was produced in the manner of a radio programme. That's why there's a voice over the first part of this track, announcing "part one in a never-ending saga". What to make of it? I think they were all stoned. Nonetheless, I'd love to hear the rest of the saga! In this version of the song was made available on the Dalek I Love You site. And it's still there as of This sounds like the group actually tried to find a structured song in the sprawling mess of the first version.

A strange idea to be sure! This group played a few live dates in preparation for recording. Her review mentioned two old songs and four cover versions, but new material was soon forthcoming. Holiday in Disneyland [extended version] B1. Holiday in Disneyland [single version] It is a rambunctious dancefest, particularly in the 12" version, with interlocking waves of percussion riding a funky bass groove. Gill's distinctive vocals are nowhere to be found.

Hold on! Is that him in the background? The female backing vocals are much more prominent than on "Heartbeat. Well, not entirely. Few can write such intricately-structured songs. The sardonic lyrics continue in the Dalek i tradition. As I said at the time: "An essential purchase". Ambition long B1.

I Am Hot Person long B2.

John Barrowman owns a 'fully animatronic' Dalek he can ride around his house in

Would You Still Love Me After the previous excellence, "Ambition" is perhaps too simply "a dance song". Nonetheless, the remix rings every possible change on the basic tune, and stands as an excellent example of what was possible with the technology of the time. The bonus track is a formidable lament to lost love. Both the singles were to be included in different versions on the forthcoming album. In this way, they are excellent value, especially considering the extra b-sides.

These are equally as strong as the album tracks, and were obviously not simply tossed off as filler. Alongside their other strengths, Dalek I Love You are exemplars of the glory days of the 12 inch single! Holiday in Disneyland [album version] A2. Horrorscope [album version] A3.

Health and Happiness A4. The Mouse That Roared A5. Dad On Fire B1. Ambition [album version] B2.

Doctor Who: 8 things we learned from Into The Dalek including who is Danny Pink?

Lust B3. Sons of Sahara B5. Africa Express Track 6 and 8 recorded at Marcus Music UK. Produced by Dalek I Love You. Note: Chuca Russo a Brazilian name is misspelled "Chuka" on the sleeve. It is correct only on the "Heartbeat" single. She has confirmed this fact. The cover by Geoff Halpin looks like a still from a fifties sci-fi flick or maybe Dr.

The tinted photograph is of a woman, dress torn, reacting to a horrific presence. The lush colours and campy subject matter play off each other -- much as they do in the music itself. It's a brilliant cover. Both previous singles were included on this magnificent, ignored album, albeit in different versions. Almost every track is an inventive tour-de-force with witty lyrics. One of my favourites is "Dad On Fire," which appears to be about a child's nightmare.

A strong sense of irony is prevalent thoughout. The flip side is a different affair, consisting of longer, more laid-back tunes that have a strong Gill presence. These highlight a special ability to merge synths into textured fields of percussion. Horrorscope [extended remix] A2.

Heap Big Pow Wow B1. Horrorscope instrumental B2. The Angel and the Clown The instrumental version of "Horrorscope" is not just the original less a vocal track; it is a completely novel remix with new saxophone line. Though on the surface it looked like the group had only released one album, Dalek I Love You already had an extensive body of material: 18 unique songs and five radical remixes.

It's no wonder that burn-out took over. In a interview with Paul Lester, Gill speaks of this period:. OMD covered "Two Chameleons" live, and as late as the sessions for Sugar Tax in were thinking of recording their own version. The following are the extant versions I have sourced over the past twenty years. Two Chameleons [] 2. Two Chameleons [ board] 3. Two Chameleons [ audience] The first recording is from a French radio broadcast, the announcer talking over the song intro.

Andy introduces the song as "Two Chameleons by the Dalek I band". The second version is a live performance from early , taken from the mixing board. The third take is, I am quite sure, the same performance but from an audience recording. Tons of echo is evident that was not in the board mix. Souvenir B1. Motion and Heart Amazon version B2. Sacred Heart Souvenir [extended] B1. A-side produced by Mike Howlett at Wessex Studios.

The 7" cover is die-cut to reveal the label. Hughes created the backing tracks for this single from layered tapes of a choir tuning up. Play "Heartbeat" side-by-side to hear the similarities. The record was a big success, hitting number 3 in the UK charts.

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But before its release he had already left the band. Being in OMD was an entirely different affair, involving constant gigging, two appearances on Top of the Pops , and a more professional aura. Like Gill, Hughes preferred to putter around in his home studio. Stardom was not his goal. Godot released only seven songs on two records. The first of these bore no label or matrix, only a phone number for the management company.

Wait for Teeth B1. Theme for Bureaucrats Produced by Frazer Henry and Godot. On this EP the music is spare and witty, the production minimal. Guitar, synth, and drums interlock in intriguing ways. This record sounds more like Compass Kumpas than any other, and makes apparent how important Hughes was to the Dalek i sound. Left without a partner, Dave Hughes recruited new musicians to form the following Godot lineup:.

With the addition of a drummer, this new line-up of Godot toured with Dalek I Love You in the winter of But Ronnie Stone soon left to be a side-man in China Crisis and eventual producer. The band split up, leaving only one other recording. Subsequently, Dave Hughes played live with the Lotus Eaters. Recording work followed as part of Thomas Lang's band from to For these they are credited as Cooper Hughes.

Since then, he has used the name David A. Hughes for most of his soundtrack work.

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Check out his career at IMDB. Gill's first outing in post-Dalek I Love you was two tracks on the soundtrack of Letter to Brezhnev Though both songs bear a certain trademark Gill stamp, they are confusingly arranged and hesitant. Gill himself is not happy with the outcome. The remainder of the soundtrack is composed of dance pop songs of the day Fine Young Cannibals, Vince Clarke.

In , he formed his own label, Bopadub, to release cassette compilations, two of which are Birkenhead Blues January and Blues Vol. Then followed the third album to bear the Dalek name.

Dalek I love you - Africa Express

At just over 93 minutes in length, it seems that Gill did his best to fill a C90 tape!