First house astrology

You like to throw yourself into projects and plans, enthusiastic about trying anything new. You have plenty of energy that needs to be used up or you get grumpy. Be as physically active as you can. You can be a great leader as long as you keep your anger in check. People look to you almost instinctually to lead them, and it feels natural for you to pave the way and be a trailblazer. You need to indulge in your senses, and can seem like a sensual person. You can stick to what you believe in, your decisions, and your ideas, no matter how much other people try to push you.

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You try to be practical, and people look to you to be the grounding influence when everything seems to be unstable. You need mental stimulation, and like to be around other people as a result. You can adapt more easily than others to different situations and people, but it can make you wishy-washy in public or with new people. People look to you to start the intellectual debate.

You can seem quite emotional publicly, but you try to keep your feelings to yourself. You interpret situations and get a sense of new people through your emotions. You can pick up the emotions coursing through any situation, and can understand what people are feeling. People look to you to be the comforter, the nurturer, the protective one, the mother.

Natal Planets

You take care of those around you, and are seen as the mother hen. You love to be around people, and can be the life of the party. You need attention, affection, and praise, so you need people around you. You have a strong personality, so people may be drawn to you without you trying. You seem like a fun person, full of jokes and laughs, and you have a kind heart, or are at least generous in public. People look to you to bring in the drama and make everything more fun.

You have a keen eye for the details, and none will escape you.

You can see the details in every situation, though the big picture can be hard for you to grasp. People look to you to keep everything in order and bring some structure and routine. You may seem a little nervous publicly, unsure of yourself, and need to stay busy. You can work yourself ragged, and will do the work that no one else wants to do, though you may prefer working on your own. You may get along with everyone that you meet because you know how to carry yourself well in public, and know what to say and do to not offend anyone.

You have an easy time compromising with others, getting people to find middle ground, and people look to you to bring everyone to the table and find a solution that works for all. You can keep a lot to yourself, not wanting to reveal all in public, and this draws people to you. Some may find your intensity to be overwhelming, and you can be somewhat intimidating at times. While you are emotional, you know how to control yourself. You want to have a good time, are a great conversationalist, and are full of stories that you tell in a grand, entertaining way, making you an excellent storyteller.

You want to experience the world and everything in it, and it can be hard for you to stay still. This can make you try a lot of things that might not be wise, but you can be so lucky that everything works out in the end anyway. People look to you to show them the bright side of the situation, and to be honest with them. You have enormous self-discipline, especially in public. People look to you to point out the big picture, the long view, because you understand how one thing leads to another more easily than others.

You may be emotionally distant in public, but you can also seem a bit shy or insecure. You carry yourself well in public, and seem more traditional. You can think of things that no one else can, and seem like such an inventive person. You drag people into the future, always looking toward the future, and make people think about how things need to be changed.

People look to you to show them what the future holds. You may seem like a rebel, and you want to be able to be yourself, no matter how different that may be from everyone else. You can get lost in daydreams and fantasy easily, and you seem like your head is always in the clouds.

The 12 Houses of the Horoscope Wheel

At times, it may be difficult for you to understand people clearly, or to be understood clearly, and you can follow what other people say too easily. You can be extremely creative and artistic, a visionary to some, and can express yourself emotionally through art.

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  • People look to you to be empathic and sensitive. Want to become a love astro ninja? That pie is divided up into overlapping slices — one wheel of slices being the twelve astrological houses that we're talking about which you can see above.

    First House

    That makes up the zodiac wheel and the basis of every birth chart. The second set of overlapping slices in a birth chart represents the 12 signs of the zodiac, and these will look different for everybody. So whichever sign-slice the cusp of each house-slice falls in is the sign that rules that house in your personal chart.

    Understanding the 1st house of Astrology/Horoscope

    That said, each house also has its own natural planetary ruler and sign that may differ from your personal one. So, just because, for instance, the first house of the zodiac is ruled by the sign Aries and the planet Mars, it could easily be in the sign Libra with the planet Mercury in it in your birth chart.

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    I know, it's a little confusing; is this pie analogy helping or just making you hungry? You'll want to know which sign each of your houses falls in, and which planets you have in each house. If all of this sounds complicated, not to fear. A professional astrologer can be a huge help when it comes navigating your birth chart and understanding the houses as well as the signs and planets that you have in each of them, so I highly recommend consulting one if you really want the inside scoop on your astrological self.

    It's amazing how much insight you can gain into your life, personality, habits, relationships — everything. Cosmic therapy, for real. Let's take an astrological open-house tour, shall we?

    The Meanings of the Houses

    These are the basic meanings for each of the 12 houses in astrology. Once you've got that down, take a look at the sign that each house falls into in your chart as well as the planets you have living in each to find out even more about how these apply to you. What it represents: Your first house is also known as the "ascendant" and it begins our ride through the astrological houses. It represents "you" in the simplest terms, and governs both our self-image and the image we project to others. It even literally rules over our physical appearance.

    As described by AstroStyle , the first house very fittingly "covers the all 'firsts': first impressions, the self and appearance, leadership, new initiatives, fresh starts and beginnings. It's important to note that "[a]ny planets in this house will greatly influence your personality and how others perceive you," according to Astro Library.

    What it represents: The second house is all about money, wealth, and earthly possessions including your five senses! It also deals with value — and when I say value, I mean both how you value material things and how you value yourself. On the darker side, this is also an area of the chart that, depending on your placements, could indicate issues of greed, low self-worth, or financial hardship. What it represents: The third house, as Spirit Articles put it, " extends our sense of self outwards and represents the communication with others " — so everything from how you express yourself through words and actions to virtual communication via the internet and your devices.

    The First House

    It also deals with things relating to your environment early in life — like siblings and neighbors, your mind when it comes to "lower" forms of thinking , and primary school. The 1st house reveals the initial impressions you make on others. You might show more of your Sun sign traits to those who are closer to you and who know you better, but your 1st house is what you let the world see. Traditionally, the ruling sign of this house is Aries , and the ruling planet is Mars.

    The sign on the cusp of the 1st house is called your rising sign , or Ascendant. This sign probably has more significance regarding your appearance and how you conduct yourself than your Sun sign does. To calculate your rising sign accurately, you need to know not just your date and place of birth, but also the time. If you have a planet conjunct to your rising sign, it will have a major impact on your personality.

    Click here for your free birth chart. The 1st house represents not just your outward personality, but also the environment that you grew up in, the nurturing that you got to go with your inherent nature.